April 14, 1929 – December 24, 2011 Remembering Little Jody Rainwater

Remembering Jody Rainwater aka Little Jody Rainwater (born Charles Edward Johnson, Surry County, North Carolina, April 14, 1929 — died Richmond, Virginia, December 24, 2011) was an American bluegrass musician and radio personality. He was well known for having played bass with The Foggy Mountain Boys. Jody joined the group on their Saturday night slot on WVLK’s Jamboree as Cedric Rainwater’s comedic partner. The comedy duo was a hit and Jody was soon being billed as Cedric’s younger brother. Lester Flatt suggested the name Little Jody Rainwater and it stuck. He was offered a job working as a deejay at WSVS. With flexible hours and steady pay Jody jumped at the chance. On June 7, 1952 Rainwater left the Foggy Mountain Boys and began his career in radio.


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