April 12, 1957 – April 13, 2016 Remembering Bobbie Martin

Remembering Bobbie Martin (April 12, 1957 – April 13, 2016), one of the more recognizable personalities at bluegrass festivals in Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, known to jammers across the south as “The Bluegrass Drummer,” and despite the conflict of terms, Bobby was indeed a bluegrass drummer, but one welcomed at jam sessions by both

April 19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom Morgan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom Morgan born, April 19, 1932 is originally from Dayton, Tennessee where he resides today. Tom got his professional start as Buzz Busby’s guitar player, and he was the original bass player for the Country Gentlemen (following a very brief experiment with Larry Leahy), and by ’61 was the regular bass player for

April 19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashby Frank

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashby Frank born, April 19, 1983 is a inger/Songwriter/Mandolinist/Guitarist in his hometown of Nashville TN. Ashby Frank and Brandon Bostic have put Bluegrass and twerking together which logically shouldn’t go together. Really, folks?!!. But that’s what The Darrell Brothers created in their first music video “Mountain Twerker.” The refrain is “Granny was the

April 19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘Stretch’ Brewer

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gary ‘Stretch’ Brewer, born, April 19, 1965, a Louisville-born is the latest in a line of family musicians that goes back six generations. Brewer has led his own band, the Kentucky Ramblers, for three decades. Brewer picked up a pair of nominations in 2000 from the International Bluegrass Music Association, was a Guitar

April 18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Dick

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Dick born, April 18, 1969 from Waterbury, Connecticut and now lives in Massachusetts. At age 15, he played bass with the Greater Boston Youth Symphony. He entered Berklee College of Music to study jazz in 1987. He has been a band member with Billings Gap, Rabbit in a Log, and Slo-Grass. Dick

April 17, 1934 – August 18, 1995 Remembering Porter Church

Remembering Porter Church, (April 17, 1934 – August 18, 1995) was a well-know banjo player in the DC area back in the 60’s and 70’s. For a short while he played banjo with the Stoneman Family and with Red Allen and Frank Wakefield on some old recordings. Porter Church played on the David Grisman “Home

April 17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uwe Krüger

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uwe Krüger born, April 17, 1961 Uwe Krüger and brother, Jens are natives of Germany who grew up in Switzerland. The Krüger Brothers started singing and playing instruments at a very young age. Music was a critically important part of life for them as children, growing up in post-World War II Europe. The

April 16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Delia Bell

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Delia Bell born, April 16, 1938 (nee Delia Nowell) was born in Bonham, Texas and has helped to preserve the singing styles of the American West. In 1959 she married Bobby Bell, who had among his friends was one Bill Grant. That same year Delia Bell and Bill Grant, Oklahoma’s “grand old man

April 16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY James Ray Edwards

HAPPY BIRTHDAY James Ray Edwards was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on April 16, 1954. His family moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is a hotbed for bluegrass music, when he was 10 years old. As they say, you can shake a tree in North Carolina and a banjo player will fall out. He started playing

April 16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY April Stevens

HAPPY BIRTHDAY April Stevens born, April 16, 1974 and Beth Stevens compose the country duo the Stevens Sisters. They’ve been performing together since early childhood, but made music their career during their early twenties. Growing up in a musical family in Tennessee allowed the Stevens Sisters to explore various genres apart from traditional country. Their