The Blue Sky Boys Remembering Bill & Earl Bolick

Remembering Bill Bolick (October 28, 1917 – March 13, 2008), along with his brother Earl Bolick (November 16, 1919 – April 19, 1998)from East Hickory, formed an American country music duo, The Blue Sky Boy, whose careers spanned over forty years. They made their first recordings in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 16, 1936. Due

November 10, 1952 – January 29, 2014 Remembering “Kip Martin”

Remembering Gregory Martin Starrett “Kip Martin” (November 10, 1952 – January 29, 2014) was bass player, founder of the DC Bluegrass Union, songwriter, and journalist. Kip was born to the Rev. Canon Warren L. Starrett, Jr. and Dr. Barbara J. Liggett Starrett. He attended schools in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, including Gannon University. He was a

November 1, 1933 – January 23, 2005 Remembering Art Stamper

Remembering Art Stamper (November 1, 1933 – January 23, 2005) was an accomplished musician and instructor, which earned him many awards, including the International Bluegrass Distinguished Achievement Award and he was inducted in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Art used his talents in many bands including Bill Monroe, Stanley Brothers, Goins Brothers, and Jim and

November 7, 1933 – January 4, 2008 Remembering Vernon Derrick

Remembering Vernon Derrick (November 7, 1933 – January 4, 2008) was an American musician and entertainer. Derrick may best be remembered as a fiddle and mandolin player of Hank Williams Jr’s Bama Band in the 1980s. Derrick was born in Grant, Alabama, in 1933 and was a resident of Arab, Alabama, since 1941. Derrick began

November 30 Remembering Steve Waller

Remembering Steve Waller of the Sawtooth Mountain Boys (November 30, 1945 – June 26, 2015) was from Sale Creek, Tennessee, the leader of the Sawtooth Mountain Volunteers and later the Sawtooth Mountain Boys. Waller had played traditional bluegrass music since 1965. For many years Waller hosted an annual Pickin’ Party and it was during those

November 30 Happy Birthday Jeannie Kendall

Happy Birthday Jeannie Kendall born, November 30, 1954 of The Kendalls, an American country music duo, consisting of Royce Kendall (September 25, 1935 – May 22, 1998) and his daughter Jeannie Kendall (born November 30, 1954). Between the 1960s and 1990s, they released sixteen albums on various labels, including five on Mercury Records. Between 1977

November 29 Happy Birthday Randy Waller

Happy Birthday Randy Waller born, November 29, 1959 grew up surrounded by the music of the Country Gentlemen. “Those musicians were like family to me,” he says of giants like Eddie Adcock, Jimmy Gaudreau, Bill Yates, Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas and Doyle Lawson. Spending the school year on a farm with his father’s sister in

November 25 Happy Birthday Eddie Stubbs

Happy Birthday Eddie Stubbs born, November 25, 1961 is a radio disc jockey broadcasting old-style country music on WSM, a radio station with a nighttime clear channel signal broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He is also one of two regular announcers for the long-running Grand Ole Opry carried on WSM on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

November 24 Happy Birthday Jack Tottle

Happy Birthday Jack Tottle born, November 24, 1939 in Baltimore, Maryland is an American bluegrass musician, singer, mandolin player, songwriter, music teacher and author. In the early 1960s, he formed the Lonesome River Boys. In the early 1970s, he joined Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys and about this time, he also settled

November 24 Happy Birthday Adam Steffey

Happy Birthday Adam Steffey born, November 24, 1965 is an American mandolin player, best known for playing in the bluegrass and old-time styles. He spent time as a member of bands such as Alison Krauss & Union Station, Mountain Heart, Lonesome River Band, The Dan Tyminski Band, and the Isaacs. He is currently a member