September 11 Happy Birthday Dave Hardy

Happy Birthday Dave Hardy born, September 11, 1955 was a member of Country Gazette for the 1999 album Keep On Pushing. The line-up was Alan Munde (banjo), Dawn Watson (guitar), Steve Garner (bass), and Dave Hardy (vocals). Love Hounds on My Trail was Dawn Watson and Dave Hardy’s first release since they left the legendary

September 3 Happy Birthday Lydia Johnson

Happy Birthday Lydia Johnson, September 3, 1997, plays fiddler and manager for The Johnsons Bluegrass Band, a group of sibling musicians all under 24 who love Bluegrass more than most things in the world and are doing their part to help keep it alive and thriving.

September 14, 1960 – July 30, 2008 Remembering Jack Sanbower

Remembering Jack Sanbower (September 14, 1960 – July 30, 2008) led his own group, The No Leeway Band, one of the tightest and freshest sounding bands in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, for 15 years. The band produced several albums for the Buck Hollow label. Sanbower joined Rattlesnake Hill in March of 2006 and continued to

September 6, 1939 – July 18, 2005 Remembering John Herald

Remembering John Herald (September 6, 1939 – July 18, 2005) was an American folk and bluegrass songwriter, solo and studio musician, and one-time member of The Greenbriar Boys trio. In 1959, Herald formed The Greenbriar Boys, along with Bob Yellin (banjo) and Eric Weissberg (mandolin). Weissberg was soon replaced by Ralph Rinzler (mandolin) to form

Sep. 24, 1926 – July 16, 1993 Remembering “Babe Lofton”

Remembering Ernest Ward Lofton “Babe Lofton” (Sep. 24, 1926 – July 16, 1993). He was given the nickname “Babe” when he was a baby. Band members of Connie & Babe and the Black Mountain Boys – later the Backwoods Boys (who were formed about 1952) included Thayer Washer (vocals), Red Roberts (fiddle), Fred Gately (bass)

Sept. 19, 1917 – July 8, 1981 Remembering Ervin Thomas Rouse

Remembering Ervin Thomas Rouse (Sept. 19, 1917 – July 8, 1981) was a fiddler and songwriter largely known for his widely recorded “Orange Blossom Special” (1938) bluegrassstandard. He also wrote the 1940s Moon Mullican hit ‘Sweeter than the flowers’ which also has become a bluegrass standard. He was born in Cove City, Craven County, North

September 28,1935- July 7, 2012 Remembering Betty Fisher

Remembering Betty Fisher (September 28,1935- July 7, 2012) In the early years of bluegrass music, women were part of groups but rarely led a bluegrass band. One notable exception was former Augusta, GA resident Betty Fisher. “Where There’s Bluegrass Music All the Time” is a song written by Don “Ramblin” Rhodes, from Augusta, GA and

September 14, 1934 – June 24, 2009 Remembering Bill Harrell

Remembering Bill Harrell (September 14, 1934 – June 24, 2009) was a prominent figure in American bluegrass, particularly during the 10 years when he partnered with Don Reno in the Tennessee Cut-ups. Bill Harrell has been a major figure in Bluegrass for almost five decades. Like the Country Gentlemen, Buzz Busby, the Bluegrass Champs and