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April 5 Happy Birthday Jeff DeFord

Happy Birthday to The Bluegrass Jamboree’s DJ Jeff DeFord, born April 5, is the Radio Host and Producer of” Down To The Roots,” a show bringing you vintage old-time tunes and entertainment. Jeff lives in San Diego, CA and is CEO/Owner/Founder at High-Grade Hemp, San Diego’s first-ever hemp store, founded in 1995, selling wholesale and

Apirl 5 Happy Birthday Linda Massey

Happy Birthday Linda Massey, born Apirl 5, 1944 and is the aunt of Annette Grady.She is the sister to 5 brothers and works as a teacher’s assistant in Sampson Co NC. Annette states, “She has a heart full of love and a mean left backhand! She’s an angel… I love her as much as I

April 5 Happy Birthday Annette Cash

Happy Birthday Annette Cash, born April 5 and lives in Autryville, NC. She retired from the state of NC in 2012~! We are glad to have her as part of our family of listeners on The Bluegrass Jamboree ~!

April 5 Happy Birthday Ramona Burns

Happy Birthday Ramona Burns, born April 5, and just got engaged on April 1, 2018~! She lives in Chipley, FL and lives by the motto: “Have fun and do no harm.” She manages FOR THE LOVE OF BLUEGRASS, a special page dedicated to “Whatever anyone has to do or say or think or feel about

January 21, 2018 Tresa Jordan Update~!

A Tresa Jordan update from early days in Nashville to 2018 from her mother, Nancy Jordon~! My daughter left home 27 years ago at age 19 after graduating from Florida School Of Performing Arts to pursue her music in Nashville Tennessee. She got her first job at The West End Cooker waiting tables. She rented

December 2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keith McWhorter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keith W. McWhorter, born December 2, 1072, son of Lou Ellen Wilkie, pastor of Corydon Baptist Church, husband of Michele and Dad of two beautiful daughters, Meaghan and Keileigh. Here is Keith singing lead. The Lord has so blessed him. Here is what the girls have to say about their Dad several years