April 12, 1957 – April 13, 2016 Remembering Bobbie Martin

Remembering Bobbie Martin (April 12, 1957 – April 13, 2016), one of the more recognizable personalities at bluegrass festivals in Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, known to jammers across the south as “The Bluegrass Drummer,” and despite the conflict of terms, Bobby was indeed a bluegrass drummer, but one welcomed at jam sessions by both

Remembering “Rose” Maddox August 15, 1925 – April 15, 1998

Mike Dillard Photos: RIP Rose Maddox … My son was born on her birthday Aug. 15th. Remembering Roselea Arbana “Rose” Maddox, (August 15, 1925 – April 15, 1998), was an American country singer-songwriter and fiddle player, who was the lead singer with the Maddox Brothers and Rose before a successful solo career. Her musical styles

July 19, 1927 – April 15, 1993 Remembering Vallie Cain

Remembering Vallie Cain (b. Vallie R. Cave, July 19, 1927 – April 15, 1993; guitar, vocals) and Benny Cain (b. James Bennett Cain, May 21, 1921, harmonica, mandolin, vocals) were a husband-and-wife duo who were active first in traditional country, but later in bluegrass music, for over four decades. Benny Cain, who grew up in

June 14, 1909 – April 14, 1995 Remembering Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives

Remembering Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives (June 14, 1909 – April 14, 1995) was an American folk singer and actor of stage, screen, radio and television. He began as an itinerant singer and banjoist, and launched his own radio show The Wayfaring Stranger, which popularized traditional folk-songs. In the 1960s he successfully crossed over into country

March 14, 1906 – April 12, 1997 Remembering Lyman Enloe

Remembering Lyman Enloe (March 14, 1906 – April 12, 1997) was born on March 14, 1906, in Cole County, Missouri, on the northern edge of the Ozarks. He grew up in a musical family. His father, Elijah “Lige” Enloe, was a renowned fiddler who played for square dances throughout the region. Lyman got his training

April 11, 1925 – April 7, 2014 Remembering George Shuffler

Remembering George Shuffler (April 11, 1925 – April 7, 2014) was an American bluegrass guitar player and an early practitioner of the crosspicking style. During his career Shuffler played with The Bailey Brothers, The Stanley Brothers and Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys. He was a 2007 recipient of the North Carolina Heritage Award and in

July 13, 1940 – April 6, 2015 Remembering Jerry Williamson

Remembering Jerry Williamson (July 13, 1940 – April 6, 2015), long time bluegrass musician and noted audio engineer. A WV native, he had been part of several popular bands, including Red Wing and Outdoor Plumbing Company. Jerry began running sound at bluegrass festivals and has been heralded as an important figure in bringing high quality

April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016 Remembering Merle Haggard

Remembering Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016) is an American country and Western songwriter, singer, guitarist, fiddler, and instrumentalist. Along with Buck Owens, Haggard and his band The Strangers helped create the Bakersfield sound, which is characterized by the unique twang of Fender Telecaster and the unique mix with the traditional

October 10, 1915 – April 3, 2005 Remembering Don Pierce

Remembering Don Pierce, (October 10, 1915 – April 3, 2005) who during the rock ‘n’ roll era, as bluegrass musicians were losing their major label deals, snapped them up. Pierce owned Starday Records. He’d bought a one-third share of the new company in 1952, and helped make George Jones into the label’s first star. Then,

April 1, 1921 – April 3, 2014 Remembering Arthur Smith

Remembering Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith (April 1, 1921 – April 3, 2014) was an American pioneer in music and the music business: musician, songwriter, and producer of records, as well as a radio and TV host. Smith produced radio and TV shows; The Arthur Smith Show was the first nationally syndicated country music show on