August 8, 1867 – February 13 1935 Remembering Fiddlin’ Jim Pate

Texas Farewell Description:recorded Dallas, TX Wednesday, October 16, 1929 Fiddlin’ Jim Pate, f; acc. Tom Pate, g. Remembering James Rankin Pate or Fiddlin’ Jim Pate (August 8, 1867 – February 13 1935) won a DallasTexas contest so much he was asked to not compete again~! Profile by Thomas James (Jim) Pate, III – April 10,

November 20, 1887 – February 15, 1975 Remembering “Eck” Robertson

Remembering Alexander “Eck” Robertson (November 20, 1887 – February 15, 1975) was an American fiddle player. On Friday, June 30, 1922, Robertson and Henry Gilliland recorded four fiddle duets for Victor Talking Machine Company. These probably represent the first commercial recordings of country music performers. Robertson’s rendition of “Sally Gooden” is now a classic since

May 2, 1936 – February 1, 2018 Remembering Ralph King

Remembering Ralph King (May 2, 1936 – February 1, 2018) born in Dabolt, Kentucky, was a former member of the Kentucky Gentlemen and part of the ensemble the Traveling Crusaders led by George Brock. He was known for being a skilled banjo player and a fine tenor singer. In addition to being able to play

February 25, 2014 Remembering Tom Henderson died

Remembering Tom Henderson died, February 25, 2014 and the state of Florida, and the Tampa area in particular, lost a great friend of bluegrass music when long time radio host Tom Henderson passed away on February 25. Henderson was 75 years old, and had been suffering from heart problems since November of 2013. He is

March, 14, 1940 – February 21, 2009 Remembering “Bruce” Moody

Remembering Luther “Bruce” Moody (March, 14, 1940 – February 21, 2009) grew up in a very musical family and environment in Marion, NC. His father played banjo in a two-finger up-picking style that was more common to his generation, picking tunes such as “Walkin’ In The Parlor,” “Shout Lu,” “John Hardy,” and “Cumberland Gap” in

February 17, 1927 – February 2, 2006 Remembering Louise Scruggs

Remembering Louise Scruggs (February 17, 1927 – February 2, 2006) was born Louise Certain, near Lebanon, Tennessee, not far from Nashville — and certain and focused she would be. The first woman to be a full-time manager of a major act in the history of country music, she was so forceful, creative and effective in

April 18, 1928 -. February 14, 2003 Remembering Raymond K. McLain

Remembering Raymond K. McLain (April 18, 1928 -. February 14, 2003), of The McLain Family Band, who was a bluegrass group that was active in the 1970s and 1980s and still occasionally performs today. Formed in 1968, the band consisted of father Raymond K. McLain on guitar, son Raymond W. McLain on banjo, fiddle, mandolin,

1931 – February 9, 2010 Remembering “Jim” McCall

Remembering James David, Sr. “Jim” McCall died, February 9, 2010 at the age of 79 (b. 1931). McCall, who was perhaps best know for his association with Earl Taylor, was a mainstay in the Cincinnati area for many years appearing and recording with Benny Birchfield, Vernon McIntyre and the Appalachian Grass and others.