August 15, 1941 – July 17, 1974 Remembering Don Rich

Remembering Don Rich,(August 15, 1941 – July 17, 1974) country musician who helped develop the Bakersfield sound in the early 1960s. He was a noted guitarist and fiddler, and a member of the Buckaroos, the backing band of country singer Buck Owens. Rich died on July 17, 1974.

August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964 Remembering Jim Reeves

Remembering Jim Reeves (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964) stands as one of the most distinctive singers in the history of country music. His smooth, warm baritone was a major component of the sophisticated, pop-influenced Nashville Sound that emerged during the late 1950s and early 1960s and boosted country music to new commercial heights

March 3, 1936 – July 30, 2014 Remembering Colonel” Tom Riggs

Remembering Colonel” Tom Riggs (March 3, 1936 – July 30, 2014) was born in Louisville to the late Walter and Marcella Riggs. He was a devout Roman Catholic who faithfully lived his religion by helping to start several churches and training the servers for worship ministries. Mr. Riggs was a Boy Scout advocate by first

September 14, 1960 – July 30, 2008 Remembering Jack Sanbower

Remembering Jack Sanbower (September 14, 1960 – July 30, 2008) led his own group, The No Leeway Band, one of the tightest and freshest sounding bands in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, for 15 years. The band produced several albums for the Buck Hollow label. Sanbower joined Rattlesnake Hill in March of 2006 and continued to

December 30, 1933 – July 29, 2016 Remembering Melvin Goins

Remembering Melvin Goins (December 30, 1933 – July 29, 2016) one of the first generation bluegrass. Melvin Goins passed away after more than 65 years of performing bluegrass music. He was 83 years of age and touring in Canada when he died. Growing up in West Virginia, Melvin and his younger brother Ray fell in

January 27, 1937- July 28, 2015 Remembering Buddy Emmons

Remembering Buddy Emmons (January 27, 1937 in Mishawaka, Indiana – July 28, 2015), was an American musician. He played several instruments, most notably pedal steel guitar. Emmons was called “The World’s Foremost Steel Guitarist” and his talent was greatly admired by fellow steel guitarists. His musical versatility spanned genres such as country, swing, jazz, folk,

September 6, 1939 – July 18, 2005 Remembering John Herald

Remembering John Herald (September 6, 1939 – July 18, 2005) was an American folk and bluegrass songwriter, solo and studio musician, and one-time member of The Greenbriar Boys trio. In 1959, Herald formed The Greenbriar Boys, along with Bob Yellin (banjo) and Eric Weissberg (mandolin). Weissberg was soon replaced by Ralph Rinzler (mandolin) to form

(March 9, 1919 – July 17, 1986 Remembering Johnnie “Cleo” Davis

Remembering Johnnie “Cleo” Davis (March 9, 1919 – July 17, 1986) was an American musician who gained prominence as “the original Blue Grass Boy” playing guitar and mando In Florida he formed a group, and played on radio WLAK with a long time friend, Floyd Lewis, for about fourteen years. In the years in Florida,

Sep. 24, 1926 – July 16, 1993 Remembering “Babe Lofton”

Remembering Ernest Ward Lofton “Babe Lofton” (Sep. 24, 1926 – July 16, 1993). He was given the nickname “Babe” when he was a baby. Band members of Connie & Babe and the Black Mountain Boys – later the Backwoods Boys (who were formed about 1952) included Thayer Washer (vocals), Red Roberts (fiddle), Fred Gately (bass)

June 20, 1907 – July 12, 1998 Remembering Jimmy Driftwood

Remembering James Corbitt Morris (June 20, 1907 – July 12, 1998), known professionally as Jimmy Driftwood or Jimmie Driftwood, was a prolific American folk music songwriter and musician, most famous for his songs “The Battle of New Orleans” and “Tennessee Stud”. Driftwood wrote more than 6,000 folk songs, of which more than 300 were recorded