March 25, 1934 – July 4, 2012 Remembering Frank Buchanan

Remembering Frank Buchanan (March 25, 1934 – July 4, 2012) was born in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. At the age of fourteen, he started playing guitar and mandolin, and singing with his older brother Ray. As the Buchanan Brothers, the two performed their first gig at Cal Calhoun’s Carolina Barn Dance, held at the Carolina

March 9, 1919 – July 17, 1986 Remembering Cleo Davis

Remembering Cleo Davis (March 9, 1919 – July 17, 1986) was born to Ben and Effie Davis in their home in northwest Georgia. Cleo was surrounded by music since he was born, with his mother playing the pump organ and father playing the banjo (clawhammer style). After his first guitar was sat on, he ordered

January 23, 1940 – July 3, 2001 Remembering “Johnny” Russell

Remembering John Bright “Johnny” Russell (January 23, 1940 – July 3, 2001) was an American country singer, songwriter, and comedian best known for his song “Act Naturally”, which was made famous by Buck Owens, who recorded it in 1963, and The Beatles in 1965. His songs have been recorded by Burl Ives, Jim Reeves, Jerry