May 29, 1916 – March 31, 1995 Remembering Carl Story

Remembering Carl Story (May 29, 1916 – March 31, 1995) was an influential bluegrass musician and leader of his band the “Rambling Mountaineers” from Lenoir, NC. In the early 1930s, after winning a fiddle contest, he joined “J. E. Clark and the Lonesome Mountaineers” performing at WLVA in Lynchburg, Virginia. In 1934, he formed the

January 23, 1956 – March 30, 2011 Remembering Harley Allen

Remembering Harley Allen (January 23, 1956 – March 30, 2011) the youngest son of bluegrass Hall 0f Famer Red Allen. He began performing at age 12 with brothers Greg, Neal and Ronnie, recording two albums as The Allen Brothers. They disbanded in 1974 when Neal passed away from pneumonia while on the road. In 1975,

August 12, 1957 – March 29, 2006 Remembering Mike Lantz

Remembering Mike Lantz (August 12, 1957 – March 29, 2006) was a co-founder of the popular Colorado-based band Front Range. Denver-born Mike Lantz, played mandolin and sang tenor vocals. He balanced his musical career with his work with kids at the Children’s Hospital and Denver school system.

January 31, 1929 – March 29, 1996 Remembering Joe Drumright

Remembering Joe Drumright (January 31, 1929 – March 29, 1996) Banjo player, Joe Drumright never had a particularly long time with Bill Monroe although his service was spread over a few years beginning in 1951to 1959 and then again in 1964. He was one of Bill Monroe’s ‘Mr Dependables’ and was called upon to help

January 6, 1924 – March 28, 2012 Remembering Earl Eugene Scruggs

Remembering Earl Eugene Scruggs (January 6, 1924 – March 28, 2012) who was born and grew up in the Flint Hill community in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and was an American musician noted for perfecting and popularizing a three-finger banjo-picking style (now called “Scruggs style”) that is a defining characteristic of bluegrass music. Although other

October 7, 1870 – March 22, 1952 Remembering Uncle Dave Macon

Remembering Uncle Dave Macon “The Dixie Dewdrop” (October 7, 1870 – March 22, 1952) from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is one of the Grand Ole Opry’s first superstars, joining the Opry at the age of 56. His last Opry performance was in 1941. He was a vaudeville entertainer who took his act to the Opry and was

July 6, 1956 – March 20, 2005 Remembering Forrest Rose

Remembering Forrest Rose (July 6, 1956 – March 20, 2005) Musician and newspaper columnist Forrest Rose, a multi-talented mainstay of Columbia’s cultural landscape for three decades, died suddenly early Sunday, March 20, 2005, during a band trip in Arizona. He was 48 years old. In May 1987, while visiting Nashville to audition for a rising

September 20, 1946 — March 20, 1999 Remembering Charles Sawtelle

Remembering Charles Sawtelle (September 20, 1946 — March 20, 1999) was a bluegrass musician and a member of the band Hot Rize. He died from leukemia. A guitar player and vocalist, Sawtelle was one of the original members of Hot Rize. He also played the character Slade in the band’s alter ego Red Knuckles and

September 4, 1936 – March 18, 2009 Remembering Ed Dye

Remembering Ed Dye (September 4, 1936 – March 18, 2009) passed away in Oxford, MS. Born in Montgomery, he was a renowned master of the world’s oldest instrument, the bones. In a show biz career that he claimed to have started in 1936, he traveled far and wide, entertaining audiences with humorous songs and zany