July 4, 1937 – November 20, 1996 Remembering Bill Vernon

Remembering Bill Vernon was born on July 4, 1937 in New York, NY; He died on November 20, 1996 in Rocky Mount, Virginia. In his early teens he became enamored with Bluegrass music, publicizing and promoting the genre in many ways. He was a DJ in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia; he wrote liner

May 21, 1921 – November 8, 1998 Remembering Benny Cain

Remembering Benny Cain (May 21, 1921 – November 8, 1998) Benny and Vallie Cain were a traditionally oriented husband and wife harmony duet. While they never ascended to the high ranks of fame in the Bluegrass field, the couple deserves considerable credit for helping to popularize the music in the nation’s capital. Their pleasing, but

May 20, 1948 – November 20, 2016 Remembering “Al” Batten

Remembering Alton Tharse “Al” Batten (May 20, 1948 – November 20, 2016) was a founding member of the bluegrass band, Al Batten and the Bluegrass Reunion. For over forty years, the band toured much of the eastern United States and visited Ireland twice to perform for the International Bluegrass and Folk Festival in Omagh. They

March 14, 1931 – November 29, 2004 Remembering Bob Paisley

Remembering Bob Paisley (March 14, 1931 – November 29, 2004) was a bluegrass bandleader born in Ashe County, North Carolina, but raised in southeast Pennsylvania. His parents both played old-time music for fun, and young Paisley soon joined them, learning the harmonica and guitar. Following military service, Paisley settled down near Landenberg to work as

March 6, 1928 – November 11, 1996 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Don Stover

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Don Stover (March 6, 1928 – November 11, 1996) born in White Oak, WV, played banjo and was a songwriter. He wrote, “Things In Life” and worked with The Blue Grass Boys and The Lilly Brothers Doug was an International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee. His obituary- BOSTON – Don Stover: –

December 29, 1982 – Nov 05, 2007 Remembering Trevor Noble

Remembering Trevor Noble (December 29, 1982 – Nov 05, 2007), who was a musician and played in a bluegrass band, The Nobles, Family Group. Noble was the chief pilot and owner-operator of Fly-n-Dollar, based in Nashville. The company conducts sightseeing tours, aerial photography and many other operations.