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August 4, 1927 First Jimmie Rodgers recording session

First Jimmie Rodgers recording session, August 4, 1927 – On this video, the 78 rpm RCA Victor record from 1927 is played on a 1930’s crank operated and spring driven His Masters Voice portable gramophone. Liner notes: “The Soldier’s Sweetheart” is the very first song Jimmie Rodgers recorded. This was done by Ralph Peer on

July 25 First of Ralph Peer’s recording sessions in Bristol

First of Ralph Peer’s recording sessions in Bristol, Tennessee (featuring Ernest Stoneman and the Dixie Mountaineers), the birth-date of country music as we know it today, July 25, 1927. ’ Born in a log cabin in Monarat (Iron Ridge), Carroll County, Virginia, near what would later become Galax, Stoneman was left motherless at age three

July 23, 1715 – The first lighthouse in America

July 23, 1715 – The first lighthouse in America was authorized for construction at Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts. In 2003, the Coast Guard hired a civilian keeper, Dr. Sally Snowman, who has been serving on site since 2003. She is the first female lighthouse keeper to serve at the Boston light.

July 9 “Last Day at Vicksburg” Civil War

A song about July 9th from Bradley Walker’s album “God Didn’t Choose Sides” – “Last Day at Vicksburg” co-writer Terry Foust is the great-great grandson of Private Andrew Jackson Andrews Civil War Songs: True Stories About Real People” contains original songs about lost loved ones, acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, family values and brotherhood. “GOD