January 21, 2018 Tresa Jordan Update~!

A Tresa Jordan update from early days in Nashville to 2018 from her mother, Nancy Jordon~!
My daughter left home 27 years ago at age 19 after graduating from Florida School Of Performing Arts to pursue her music in Nashville Tennessee. She got her first job at The West End Cooker waiting tables. She rented an apartment and was soon hired by a company to write music. She went on the road and toured at Music festivals. She recorded a CD and her single and another song she wrote made it on The Music Row Break Out Chart. She had a #1 on The Roots Music Chart that was a gospel song she recorded by Claude Ely. She also toured and hosted her own TV Show. Looking ahead 5 years she is still writing and has a few tunes on some popular Bluegrass Artist albums. Her hobby is Archery. She has competed in competitions in Alabama and Nashville and scored high. I have had many people ask about Tresa so this is a short update. Of course we miss her so much but visit and stay in touch constantly.
I am very proud of Tresa and all she has accomplished. She taught piano at 14 and worked on a horse farm. When she moved to Nashville she was hired to wait tables during the week so she toured with her band on the weekends. She was hired to write music for a song writing company. She always worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time. Some of her jobs were teaching preschool, delivering newspapers, cleaning houses, Vet assistant, Demos, weddings, performing with bands and solo shows. I think the TV Show was the greatest accomplishment but she always said it’s the writing that she loves the most. The road to Nashville has not been easy by any means and raising three children along the way was actually her very best accomplishment that I am so proud of and they turned out to be great kids. Tresa is a survivor and her deep faith in God has been her strength and that is what I am most proud of.

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