June 13, 1936 – August 12, 2013 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bobby Slone

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bobby Slone (June 13, 1936 – August 12, 2013) was born in Pike County, Kentucky.He was aA left hander and taught himself to play the guitar – upside down – and then the fiddle. He was an important member of one of the most influential modern bluegrass bands: J.D. Crowe and the New South for 24 years, the longest tenure of any musician who ever worked with him. Slone and Crowe began playing together in the summer of 1964; Slone was a fiddle player initially. They worked at Martin’s Place, the Red Slipper Lounge (at the Holiday Inn) and private parties in and around Lexington, Kentucky. In 1971 Crowe changed the name of his band to the New South and after some changes in personnel, he had a core group of Tony Rice (guitar), Bobby Slone (bass) and Ricky Skaggs (mandolin, fiddle and viola), with Crowe playing the banjo. Slone made two tours of Japan with the New South, one in the autumn of 1975 and then again in the spring of 1979, during both of which Slone played fiddle as well as bass (although not at the same time). Recordings from both tours were released on Japanese LPs. In 1989 Slone quit long distance travel and spent the ensuing period playing fiddle as a staff musician at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.

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