May 21, 1921 – November 8, 1998 Remembering Benny Cain

Remembering Benny Cain (May 21, 1921 – November 8, 1998) Benny and Vallie Cain were a traditionally oriented husband and wife harmony duet. While they never ascended to the high ranks of fame in the Bluegrass field, the couple deserves considerable credit for helping to popularize the music in the nation’s capital.
Their pleasing, but somewhat atypical, harmony blend adds a touch of uniqueness to their vocal sound. Many well-known Bluegrass musicians worked as members of their band, the Country Clan, including Bill Emerson, Don Bryant, Johnny Whisnant, Don Stover, Scott Stoneman, Pete Kuykendall, Roni Stoneman, Don Mulkey, Tom Gray and their son, Paul Cain. Over the years, Benny gained a considerable reputation as an authority on stringed instruments and also as a song collector.

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