Mike Andes of Nothin’ Fancy

Happy Birthday Mike Andes Born December 9, and raised in Timberville, VA, Mike began performing publicly at age 14. He will tell you his music ability is God-given. He plays by ear and has never had any lessons or professional training. Several family members, including his brothers and uncles, influenced Mike with their musical abilities.

Justus Ross, The Ross Family Band

Justus was born December 11, 1995 in Piedmont, Missouri to Jeff and Danita Ross. From the beginning Justus had a love for the guitar and displayed his interest early on.  When he was 4, Justus was able to play a couple of songs which he had taught himself to play.  By the age of 5

Cheyenne Dalton, That Dalton Gang

Happy Birthday to Cheyenne Dalton, born December 11, 2000. She lives on the family farm in Missouri. She is homeschooled and enjoys playing Bluegrass music with my band That Dalton Gang. As the leader of the band, Cheyenne has worked with some amazing young musicians over the years. Each one has a left a mark

October 30 Happy Birthday Chris Malpass

Happy Birthday Chris Malpass, born October 30, 1985, says traditional country music is the “real deal.” Along with his brother, Taylor, they have a goal to see this “old music” revived. The Malpass Brothers want to make sure it isn’t forgotten. They were featured in a documentary film THE MALPASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME, telling the

Dec. 17, 1959 – Sept. 27, 2018 Remembering Mark Anthony Giejda

Remembering Mark Anthony Giejda, beloved husband, father, and brother (Dec. 17, 1959 – Sept. 27, 2018) passed away after a sudden onset and brief illness. Cindy was unable to attend the annual International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) World of Bluegrass convention when Mark was struck with the illness. Cindy is eager to credit Mark for

October 13 Happy Birthday Tim Jackson

Happy Birthday October 13th to Tim Jackson who comes from a long line of talent. His grandfather was an old time claw hammer player, his mother, father and uncles were all musicians and kept music in the home at all times. Tim would listen to Blackjack every day before school trying to figure out what

August 8, 1867 – February 13 1935 Remembering Fiddlin’ Jim Pate

Texas Farewell Description:recorded Dallas, TX Wednesday, October 16, 1929 Fiddlin’ Jim Pate, f; acc. Tom Pate, g. Remembering James Rankin Pate or Fiddlin’ Jim Pate (August 8, 1867 – February 13 1935) won a DallasTexas contest so much he was asked to not compete again~! Profile by Thomas James (Jim) Pate, III – April 10,

October 9 Happy Birthday Wanda Barnett

Happy Birthday Wanda Barnett born, October 9, 1957 If, as Wanda Barnett, of Richmond, KY says, music is “a gift from God,” she’s a woman with many blessings. It was in 1982 that she joined The New Coon Creek Girls, a Kentucky band that she described as “an old time string band.” The group was

October 9 Happy Birthday Curtis McPeake

Happy Birthday Curtis McPeake born, October 9, 1927 has worked throughout his career with several major artists. He obtained his first recording contract with ABC Paramount in 1961 and has recorded for several other companies throughout his career. Curtis has also been involved with the music industry as a collector of fine vintage banjo’s and

October 25, 1942 – May 2, 2014 “Lonesome” Lester Armistead

Remembering “Lonesome” Lester Armistead (October 25, 1942 – May 2, 2014) was a joyful onstage presence who blew the jug, played banjo and hollered tenor vocals as a founding member of The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. Mr. Armistead was steeped in old-time country music. His father co-owned a bait store with Grand Ole Opry star