Month: August 2018

August 29 Happy Birthday Roger Sprung

Happy Birthday Roger Sprung (born August 29, 1930, in New York City) is an American banjo player and teacher best known for introducing authentic bluegrass banjo picking styles to the folk music community in the north and for the eclectic manner in which he has adapted bluegrass banjo techniques to music of other genres. His

August 27 Happy Birthday Gary Trivette

Happy Birthday Gary Trivette, born August 27. Gary grew up in Watauga County, North Carolina, one of 11 children and was raised in hard times, but there was always love and music. Born to a very musical family, he began playing bass at eight years old. His father, Auborn Trivette, was a prominent local musician

August 28 Happy Birthday Taylor Malpass

Happy Birthday Taylor Malpass, born August 28, 1989, was playing mandolin by the time he was 10. Today, he and brother, Christopher, promote the work and music of classic country artists while creating new music through their band The Malpass Brothers. Gifted musicians and songwriters, the brothers have shared billing with artists including Ray Price,

August 31 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Gabeheart

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Gabeheart born, August 31, 1961 plays banjo and co-fronts a bluegrass band with his wife Valerie. As an Assistant Prosecutor in Lincoln County, WV, Jim works a flexible schedule to ensure that Jim & Valerie Gabeheart can make performance arrangements on the long time line required for major festivals and concert venues,

August 31 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick Walton

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick Walton born, August 31, bass player for Cumberland County Line Bluegrass, a native of Louisiana and son of a Methodist preacher, has been playing the string bass for right at fifty years. Over the years, Rick has played bass with numerous bands, first during his four years in college in Louisiana, then

March 3, 1936 – August 30, 2014 Remembering Thomas W. “Tom” Riggs

  Remembering Thomas W. “Tom” Riggs (March 3, 1936 – August 30, 2014), Pinecastle Records founder and former owner. Tom left an indelible mark on the bluegrass music industry and will be remembered not only for the way he conducted business but for the many artists that he encouraged and helped establish. Tom was born

August 30, 1736 First fiddlers convention in America

Fiddlin’ John Powers at the White Top Folk Festival, circa 1939. White Top, Virginia. (Blue Ridge Heritage Archives, Ferrum College/Blakemore Collection) First fiddlers convention in America, which took place in Hanover City, VA, August 30, 1736. Fiddle contests first appeared in the U.S. in November of 1736. The first recorded fiddle contest was held as

Jimmy Martin records “Stormy Waters”

Jimmy Martin records “Stormy Waters”, August 30, 1962 Jimmy Martin may have helped keep bluegrass music on the country charts in the ’60s with his secular, mainstream approach to music-making, but he had a spiritual side, too. “Stormy Waters” is simply a gospel classic..

August 26 Happy Birthday Brett Smeltzer

Happy Birthday Brett Smeltzer, born August 26, 1963, hosts Bluegrass Retrospect, a Bluegrass/Bluegrass Gospel/Pre-Bluegrass program on The Bluegrass Jamboree Radio Station. Brett Smeltzer makes his home in Charles Town, WV, just outside of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Though Brett’s earlier days of music influences were mostly Rock of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, he