August 18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Audie Blaylock

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Audie Blaylock born, August 18, 1962, award-winning vocalist and guitarist, AUDIE BLAYLOCK is certainly one of the hottest Bluegrass artists today. Along with his band REDLINE; they are celebrating a load of #1 singles from numerous albums on the Rural Rhythm Records label.

June 23 Remembering Dr. Ralph Edmond Stanley

Remembering Dr. Ralph Edmond Stanley, age 89 passed away Thursday, June 23, 2016 at his residence. He was a lifelong resident of Dickenson County and was of the Primitive Baptist Faith. He was a 1945 graduate of Ervinton High School and a World War II Veteran of the United States Army. Dr. Stanley was a

May 14 Sierra Hull and Justin Moses married

Sierra Hull and Justin Moses married, May 14, 2017 in a small, private ceremony at an historic home in Brentwood, TN. Justin and Sierra had known each other for many years, but only began dating more recently. They perform on the road in Sierra’s touring show, so togetherness is how they live their lives. Sierra

February 28, 1958, school Bus #27 hit the rear end of a tow truck

Remembering February 28, 1958, school Bus #27 hit the rear end of a tow truck on U.S. 23 in Knotley Hollow, near Lancer (Floyd County), Kentucky, and plunged into the Big Sandy River. 26 students plus the bus driver died. This inspired the song “No School Bus in Heaven,” recorded by the Stanley Brothers.

November 1 Seldom Scene formed

Seldom Scene formed, November 1, 1971 by John Duffey (mandolin), John Starling (guitar and lead vocals), Ben Eldridge (banjo), Mike Auldridge (Dobro™), Tom Gray (bass). The name “Seldom Scene” was originally chosen because the group decided to stay at home and play once a week at a local club near their homes and day jobs.

October 25 Mom and Pop Lewis wed

Mom and Pop Lewis wed on October 25, 1925. They were the patriarchs of the family of gospel and bluegrass musicians from Lincolnton,Georgia. They are known as the “First Family of Bluegrass Gospel.” The Lewis Family’s original home, built by Pop, is currently being restored by Jeff and Sheri Easter. Sheri is the daughter of

October 18 Bill Monroe wed Caroline Minnie Brown

Bill Monroe wed Caroline Minnie Brown, October 18, 1935 in Lake County Indiana. Carolyn Monroe was Bill’s first wife and the mother of James and Melissa. They married young and were eventually divorced on August 12, 1960. Here is an interesting interview. Lots of interesting stories