Cheyenne Dalton, That Dalton Gang

Happy Birthday to Cheyenne Dalton, born December 11, 2000.

She lives on the family farm in Missouri. She is homeschooled and enjoys playing Bluegrass music with my band That Dalton Gang.

As the leader of the band, Cheyenne has worked with some amazing young musicians over the years. Each one has a left a mark on the music the band plays today.

Besides music, she likes fishing, cooking, baking, and competitive shooting. She plays violin, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass.

Cheyenne writes in her bio, “I was born loving music. I think I must have been singing before I was talking. When I was a baby my family took me to Silver Dollar City, which is close to Branson, MO. I got to hear the amazing music of the bands that had come there to play. How could I have guessed that one day I would actually be on stage there, playing and singing my music, hoping to make others as happy as this music has always made me.”